Fusil Automatic Legers (FAL) is a popular rifle in Europe and the United States. This semi-automatic rifle is named the Fusil Automatic Leger (FAL) despite its name meaning “light automatic rifle.” Today, the SA58 series FALs are made by DS Arms. I was able to test one. The price range is prohibitive, from $1,300 to over $2,000; I would like to find out if it’s worth the investment of glock subcompact 9mm.

The FAL is a battle weapon that Dieudonne Saive, a Belgian small arms designer, designed. It was manufactured at Fabrique Nationale de Herstal. In 1946, the prototype was utterly disarmed fal. The FAL was widely used in NATO forces by 1953, with the U.S. being a notable exception. This battle rifle, widely used during the Cold War, was affectionately known as “The Right Arm of the Free World” because of its popularity.

The FAL is a practical and valuable battle rifle that can be used for military and homeland defense. The average civilian can use the FAL for self-defense and home defense. It is a US-made firearm with all American parts. The FAL has been upgraded and modernized by DS Arms. It is chambered in NATO caliber 7.62x51mm NATO. DS Arms list the following specifications for this battle rifle.

The DS Arms FAL SA58 looks like a piece of modern art. It is well-designed and has great aesthetics. You can fold the BRS sideways. The buttons for adjusting the LOP are ergonomically and ambidextrous. You can easily change the LOP position to suit your needs. It is easy to use, with a total parallel rise and four 1/4-inch settings. A tilted location is available for helmet-mounted devices and more clearance.

I love the ease of removing or replacing magazines. The DS Arms FAL SA58 magazine release is ambidextrous. The magazine will be released by pulling the release forward. The guard will guide you as you insert your replacement magazine. Because it is challenging to restore safety, the safety near the trigger is my least favorite.

The DS Arms FAL has an ergonomic left-side charging handle that is non-reciprocating. This allows you to utilize the battle rifle fully. I love the last-round bolt hold-open feature of this battle rifle. Left-handed gun owners will find the DS Arms FLAL easy to use, as all actions are done on the left. The pistol grip,h is a squad automatic weapon (provides great ergonomicsSAW). The M-LOK compatible handguard has a slim profile. It reduces weight and cools barrels. I loaded up some magazines and took the BRS for some testing shots. I can fold the BRS, according to DS Arms. 

Test fires were shot from a distance of 100 yards. The DS Arms FAL magazine holds up to 20 rounds, compared to the five to eight rounds that are usually available. This rifle is easy to use, and I have enjoyed firing it for hours. Accuracy was between 2 and 3 MOA. Others may require more precision. The DS Arms FAL battle rifle is not precise, so I am happy with the results. It’s a solid beast with incredible firepower and low recoil.

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