This has made storage a large industry. This can be a good thing or a problem depending on how you view it. This is not something we want to debate. There are many options, but they can help you choose the best protection for your home. A gate or fence secures the perimeter. The second layer consists of video surveillance. It is worth bonus points if there is an on-site security guard. We also have electronic keys, codes, and unique padlocks that can be used to protect your items.

Did you know that certain items cannot be stored in a storage unit? Many people have not, which leads them to make the worst and most costly mistake: storing prohibited items. To give you an idea about what items are prohibited, we will list some Utah self storage things you should not keep in storage units. Each item can catch fire for a variety of reasons. However, you can’t store highly combustible items like gasoline. Imagine the chaos that could result if this material were to catch fire. PortaBox Storage will help you determine if you intend to store any items that could cause danger.

This is something that many people don’t realize. Keeping an item wet can lead to severe damage. Damp items can attract and cause mold and mildew, which will only attract pests. Soon, you’ll find yourself in an unpleasant situation. You should make sure your items are clean and dry. You can do this regardless of renting short-term or longer-term storage units. Damage is straightforward to cause.

We often see people renting massive storage units to store dozens of boxes filled with items. This is what we associate with unstacked boxes. You can stack boxes but remember this self-storage safety tip: Keep lighter parcels at the top and heavier ones at the bottom. Do not stack too many boxes. There is no one right way to stack boxes, but we recommend that you stack no more than four boxes per stack. These units provide maximum security for your items and are an innovative invention. Although they’re a great idea almost always, they are essential if your area has fluctuating temperatures. If you don’t have climate control enabled on your unit, storing your items during winter and summer is extremely risky.

They are, however, more expensive than regular units. These units are more costly than standard units. But there’s a reason climate-controlled units made it onto our list of self-storage safety tips: they are worth every penny. Climate-controlled units are free from pest infestation and can withstand extreme cold or high temperatures without causing damage. There are certain types of items we won’t put at risk. You should consider investing in a climate-controlled unit if you store antiques, wooden furniture, artifacts, or other valuable items. You will soon see how much your investment has paid off.

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